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Listen to Felicita's Glitter-Storm of a New Song, "Doves"

The London producer has made a song that sounds like a gif (and a gif that looks like this song) for his new EP, Frenemies.

“I wanted to create sounds that were as intensely noxious as that smell," UK artist Felicita said of nail polish in Steph Kretowicz's recent FADER feature on the rise of London's obnoxiously cute, experimental club music scene that includes Sophie and PC Music. Clearly on that tip, the first song from Frenemies— Felicita's forthcoming EP on new "artifacts led label" Gum—dives into the bizarrely coded world of makeup tutorials and turns them inside out. "Doves" is a glitter-storm of arched eyebrow exclamations, satisfied exhales, and almost-nauseating tones, not unlike the glorious artwork-gif above. You can explore more of Felicita's world on his website for "Doves", created in collaboration with Daniel Swan and featuring Mari Santos.

Listen to Felicita's Glitter-Storm of a New Song, "Doves"