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Stream Jeremih and Omarion's Honey-Hued "Show Me"

Omarion's a new dad and dropped off some baby making music alongside Jeremih and Da Internz

Just two days after becoming a daddy, veteran panty dropper Omarion has dropped an Internz-produced duet with Jeremih called “Show Me.” Back in May, Omarion crafted a FADER Mix for us, and promised his return to making music would be heavy on the “fucking feeling.” He wasn't bluffing: on “Show Me” Omarion and Jeremih croon back and forth against a straightforward, honey hued R&B beat. It’s unclear whether there will be an EP where this came from, but regardless, please, world, let there be more tender B&W album art on its way. The track bears traces of the spacey, warped production Jeremih has favored on recent releases, but for the most part, it’s a classic love ballad: glossy, mindless and pretty damn nice.

Stream Jeremih and Omarion's Honey-Hued "Show Me"