FADER Five: QQ’s Maddest Dances From Around the Globe

QQ’s been dancing forever and he delivers his global span of influences for #selloff week.

August 26, 2014

In our newly minted FADER Five column, we ask the artists and producers orbiting our universe to riff on a theme and serve up five gems of their choosing

Dancehall star QQ has been moving bodies since he was 11 years old. His breakout hit "Stukie" came packaged with a stop-and-drop waist wine that quickly spread throughout the states from his native Jamaica in the early 2000s, his pre-pubescent voice igniting PG-13 behavior on countless dance floors. Today, the twenty-year-old's dagger anthem "One Drop" is still keeping clubs bumping, and he put us onto a couple of his favorite moves with origins across three continents. 

1. QQ, "Tek It To Dem (Ruum Ram)"

The Ruum Ram is all me.

2. WizKid, "Azonto"

Fuse ODG also has one in England, but I love WizKid's version. People don't know it, but I love afrobeat music, it's just like dancehall. 

3. Cali Swag District, "Teach Me How To Dougie" 

I love the Dougie. I learned it from Chris Brown, that's one of my favorite dances. 

4. Mr. Vegas, "Bruk It Down"

The girls go mad for "Bruk It Down" like for "One Drop."

5. Serani, "Skip To My Lou"

My fifth pick gotta be "Skip To My Lou." I have one [version of this song], and Serani has one. 

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FADER Five: QQ’s Maddest Dances From Around the Globe