In Other News: Skrillex & Diplo, Kurt Vile and a Very Angry Punk Artist

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September 19, 2014

Diplo & Skrillex Wander NYC in Teaser for their New Years Show

Diplo and Skrillex are co-headlining the New Year's Eve spectacle at Madison Square Garden. The announcement comes with this goofy-as-hell clip of the superstar DJs bouncing around Manhattan.

Kurt Vile Rejoins The War on Drugs for A Night

Singer-songwriter Kurt Vile, who split off from his old band The War on Drugs in 2008, reunited with the Philly rock crew for a hometown show last week. Watch "Under The Pressure" above via The Key; catch Vile on the right in the shadows. 

Black Flag Logo Artist Raymond Pettibon Tells Off the Internet 

Apparently, after negative Hypebeast comments about his recent collaboration with Supreme, the  legendary punk artist Raymond Pettibon artist defended himself via a barely legible rant:

I did nothing for Black Flaal;they sure as hell did nothing for me.The art predates them,pnk rckr.Stick the 2 bars tatooed on yr dick(won't hold more than2,)put yr dck in yo mouf Leapin Lannny Poffo style—same one w 2 bars tatooed on tongue—and sck yo dck.

Gawker seems hesitant  to say that Pettibon—who also designed Sonic Youth's Goo coverwas actually typing out the comments, but it's certainly his style.  

Groundislava Tells Dummy 10 Things that Inspired His New Concept Album

Inspirations include: YouTube synth demos, Sade, Japanese trance compilations, cyberpunk lit, and six more. Listen to Frozen Throne in its entirety right here

And, Finally...

Ryan Hemsworth stopped by The FADER to say hi yesterday. He got a haircut.  

In Other News: Skrillex & Diplo, Kurt Vile and a Very Angry Punk Artist