FADER Mix: Peaking Lights

Lose yourself in this 90-minute mix of crate-digging gold from the LA duo.

October 01, 2014

LA husband-wife duo Peaking Lights know all about dubbed up, psych-spiked jams—they're about to release their fourth album of shimmering gems, Cosmic Logic, on Weird World Records this October 7th (stream it on their custom website)—so it comes as no surprise that they're committed crate diggers. For their FADER Mix, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis truly outdid themselves, pulling together a 90-minute mix entirely comprised of 45s they've picked up over the years. While they tagged the mix as "guilty pleasures," there's nothing to feel guilty about here: from Bootsy's Rubber Band to Deniece Williams, it's all pure gold. Lose yourself in their funk-soul-rock-pop-disco mega-mix below, plus scroll down to find out how to make Peaking Lights' favorite hummus (yes, really) and check their upcoming tour dates. 

Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. At our house in Echo Park, LA. It's hot, the shades are drawn, so the light's soft. 'Bout to kick back a warm coffee I just made. Place is looking like a bachelor pad if two toddlers were running the show... Oh... Two toddlers are running the show.

There's a whole lot of magic going on in your FADER Mix, is this what soundtracks the family home? It's close... We listen to a lot of different music at home, it does help when the little guys are pumped on the tunes.

Where's your favorite place to pick up 45s? Really anywhere I can find them. Not a favorite one. I guess most appropriately places that haven't been picked over.

How did you approach new album Cosmic Logic—and what is cosmic logic? Just hit me one day I was spelling it like cosmick logick, ran the numerology calculator and asked Indra what she thought. She said she liked it but [asked] what was the numerology calculation if it was spelled right. We put that in and it came out to 936 so we had to roll with it.

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you? Simplicity Parenting.

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? Sprouted garbanzo hummus. Just usually go by sight/taste but here's a ruff [recipe]. 


1/2 lb sprouted garbanzos
1tbsp whole cumin seeds toasted (to taste)
4-6 tbsp flax seed
Onion powder to taste
Garlic to taste
Some water 
Some light oil like safflower, sunflower and flax (never canola)
2 lemons
Salt to taste


1) Toast the cumin seeds in a pan on medium high heat.
2) Add with flax seeds, toasted cumin and about 1/2 cup oil. Have water on the side to add as necessary to get consistency.
3) Blend all the ingredients and add a little water—1/4 cup or so. 
4) Wait till everything is well blended then add the garbanzos, add more water/oil for desired consistency.
5) Add salt, garlic and onion powder to taste.


Herbie Hancock - Vien Melter
Gino Soccio - So Lonely
Brilliant - It's A Man'S World
Soul Generation - Body And Soul
Fresh Aire - Flying Over America
10cc - I'm Not In Love
Prince - I Would Die For You
Dana Valery - Zabadak
Midnight Star - I Wont Let You Be Lonely
Darryl Hall & John Oates - Sarah Smile
Mtume - You, Me And He
Harry Ray - Next Time That I See You
Five Special - You're Something Special
The Dynamic Superiors - Leave It Alone
Bootsy's Rubber Band - I'd Rather Be With You
Roger - I Want To Be Your Man
Kinsman Dazz - Catchin Up On Love
Tyrone Davis - I Wish It Was Me
Moments - Sexy Mama
Booker T Jones - The Best Of You
Donald Byrd - Witch Hunt
The Temptations - The Prophet
The Dynamics - Ice Cream Song
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
Cameron - Feelin
Ronnie Foster - Midnight Plane (Pt.2)
Deniece Williams - Cause You Love Me Baby
Claudja Barry - Everybody Needs Love
Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight

Tour dates:

Thurs Oct 2 – Terminal 5, New York, NY – with Real Estate
Fri Oct 3 – Other Music, New York, NY – Live In-Store Performance – 9pm
Fri Oct 3 – Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn, NY – Late Show – 12pm
Sat Oct 4 – Modern Sky Festival, Central Park, New York, NY – as part of ATOMIC BOMB! The Music Of William Onyeabor
Sat Oct 11 – Los Globos, Los Angeles, CA – Record Release Party w/ Animal Collective DJs, Nite Jewel, Awesome Tapes From Africa, and more. . .

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FADER Mix: Peaking Lights