Hear iLoveMakonnen and Mike WiLL Made-It’s Tearjerking “Wishin You Well”

Listen to the most beautiful iLoveMakonnen song in existence, a rambling freestyle about lost love, produced by Mike WiLL Made-It.

Photographer Mike Belleme
October 03, 2014

A few months ago, the minute after we first heard "Tuesday" and "Molly," we hit up Makonnen for a short GEN F profile in the next issue. He came by the office for an interview and played, among other things, "Wishin You Well." I think it's the most beautiful iLoveMakonnen song in existence. It's epic poetry. He's goofing off in god mode. This was a man who deserved a full magazine feature. (It just went online today, as a matter of fact—read it here.)

"Wishin You Well" was recorded early this summer, and it's the first Makonnen song produced by Mike WiLL Made-It. It won't feature on Mike's forthcoming tape Ransom, but Makonnen is said to have a few features, and MikeWiLLMakonnen is certainly both hitting it here. I could listen to the opening instrumental bit on loop forever, and if Makonnen kept up his rambling freestyle about dreaming of lost loves forever, I'd be rapt for that too. Beyond Makonnen's unsettling and inspiring backstory, and beyond his skewed take on Atlanta club tracks, it's his ability to write heartfelt narrative love songs that hit me most out-of-nowhere, and it might be what I like the most.

Hear iLoveMakonnen and Mike WiLL Made-It’s Tearjerking “Wishin You Well”