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What People Are Saying about Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance

Migos would be way more turned up, no?

katy perry superbowl
October 10, 2014

Just days after saying she's "not the kind of girl who would play the Super Bowl" on ESPN's College GameDay, it appears that Katy Perry has landed herself that very gig. Multiple reports confirm that the mega-popular, family-friendly pop star has beaten other short-listed performers, such as Rihanna and Coldplay, to be Super Bowl XLIX's halftime performer. The thunderous purr your hearing is Kitty Kats the world round celebrating. But, not everyone is so sure the NFL has made the right choice.

Some believe Rihanna, who is not so hot on the NFL since her "Run This Town" was unceremoniously cut from CBS Sports's Thursday Night Football, should have taken the job as promo for her forthcoming album.

Many seem to think football fans would appreciate Kanye West's Yeezus stage set?

Or that Beyoncé should be legally obligated to perform.

And a surprising number of people think Migos would have been the perfect mid-game turn up.

At the very least, Katy’s already working to show football fans that she can chug beer in a visor with the best of ‘em:

What People Are Saying about Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance