Mykki Blanco Shares “Moshin’ In The Front” From New Release, Gay Dog Food

The rapper’s diverse and widely influenced new record is out October 28th.

October 14, 2014

Later this month, Mykki Blanco will release Gay Dog Food. The first in a campaign of releases leading up to the rapper's debut album Michael's arrival next year, the project is set to feature a wide range of styles and influence—including punk, noise, experimental, industrial and Riot Grrl—as well as a diverse supporting cast. There is a spoken word track from Kathleen Hanna, a Katie Got Bandz collab called "Solange in the Elevator" (eh hmm) and this: "Moshin' in the Front," a grinding, metallic track featuring Cities Aviv

In a statement, Blanco explains that he's begun shrugging off labels in favor of exciting content:

"you can choose to call me a gay rapper, you can choose to not even call me a rapper if you want to, it doesn't matter, i'm a punk, a creative punk and i'm going to continue to create and entertain without boundaries. Gay Dog Food is just the start of where I hope to go creatively and commercially, this moment now is really the beginning."

Gay Dog Food is out October 28th on Uno NYC.

01 “Runny Mascara”
02 “New Feelings”
03 “For the Homey’s”
04 “Baby’s Got Big Plans”
05 “Self Destruction”
06 “Fulani” (ft. Ian Isiah)
07 “A Minute With Cakes” (ft. Cakes Da Killa)
08 “Moshin’ in the Front” (ft. Cities Aviv)
09 “Something Special” (ft. James K)
10 “A Moment With Kathleen” (ft. Kathleen Hanna)
11 “Solange in the Elevator” (ft. Katie Got Bandz)
12 “Cyber Dog”
13 “Lukas” (ft. No Bra)
14 “GDF Interlude”

Mykki Blanco Shares “Moshin’ In The Front” From New Release, Gay Dog Food