Tove Styrke Travels To The End Of The World In "Borderline" Video

Let the cheeky 21-year-old Swedish pop star fills you will travel lust and Scandi-envy.

photographer Hedvig Jenning

Sweden's Tove Styrke hosts a cool-girls-only dance and destruction party in an empty swimming pool on a strikingly beautiful island near the edge of the world in this new video for "Borderline," the title track and lead single off an upcoming EP. Her first in four years, this new project will find the former-Swedish Idol contestant (she placed third) moving in a new direction. Think off-kilter guitar strumming, warm steel drum washes, and a bounty of attitude, like the hook here: I'm borderline happy and I'm borderline sad, I'm borderline good and I'm borderline bad. "'Borderline" is a lot about self identity," she explained in an email. "It's about breaking free from the things that I, as a girl, have been taught to be throughout my life. It's kinda melancholic in a way, but there's also a fighting spirit in it. Tear down that hierarchy, burn it." Amen. Borderline EP will be released November 23 via Sony Sweden/RCA UK.

Tove Styrke Travels To The End Of The World In "Borderline" Video