Cam’ron Made An Ebola Mask With Cam’ron On It

Ebola’s no joke.

October 17, 2014

Last night Killa went meta and Instagram'd a picture of himself, in a Cam'ron jacket, Giants hat, and a Diplomats-era Cam'ron Ebola mask because why the fuck not. "Ebola is no joking matter," read the caption, "So if u have to be safe...Be fashionable. #CamEbolaMask." It's not news Cam loves putting Cam on clothing, but this has to be the most timely garment he's graced with his likeness. Ebola isn't airborne, so the Cam'ron masks won't do much in the way of protection, but for warding off the common cold I'm down to cop this one. Unless JuJu comes out with her own version, that is. The mask will be available starting next week from Dipset's website.


Ebola is no joking matter.. So if u have to be safe.. Be fashionable. #CamEbolaMask get'm at @dipsetusa1997 nx week, made by @chinagram 😷😷😷

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Cam’ron Made An Ebola Mask With Cam’ron On It