Watch Baauer Turn His Travels Into Music In New Mini-Doc

Watch the NY producer travel the world—from Japan to the United Arab Emirates—on the hunt for new sounds.

Photographer Nick Meledandri
November 06, 2014

Writing about Brooklyn producer Baauer's ß EP, which we premiered recently, The FADER's Ruth Saxelby described it as cycling "full-throttle through a world of textures and languages." Not just a metaphor, it's something that's literally true of the music's source material—Baauer told us that he "went to Japan and the United Arab Emirates and was able to record some incredible stuff. A lot of those samples get chopped, filtered, distorted, and then in one way or another folded into the tracks. There's also a lot internet samples in there too, like someone's recording of their cousin singing a song they learned at camp." Now he's gone and released a 26-minute documentary that he made with Redbull about his extensive globetrotting. Titled Baauer: Searching For Sound, it show how these internationally found sounds made their way into his music. Watch it above, and while you're in Baauer-zone, have another listen to that oh-so-catchy track with Alunageorge and Rae Sremmerd, "One Touch."

Posted: November 06, 2014
Watch Baauer Turn His Travels Into Music In New Mini-Doc