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Rome Fortune Opens Up On “Pure”

Why is the pain so deep?

November 11, 2014

Why is the pain so deep? Rome Fortune's workflow is almost too prolific, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. But here's something you might want to listen to, about as personal a cut as we've heard from the eccentric Atlanta rapper yet. On "Pure," a heartache-y, wrung-out Rome unloads about his struggles and distractions—not only jail, cheating bitches, snakes, and lying niggas/ I got two sons whose momma's think I'm the richest—over Montreal-based producer Jacques Greene's airy production. Water is under the bridge, I just gotta live with that kind of stuff, he reasons– but not without adding a frustrated Fuck! Seems like "Pure" is just a loosie, btw, something he had to get out and it couldn't wait till the next project rolls around.

UPDATE: And...the track has been pulled from SoundCloud. Last night LuckyMe's Ango chimed in on Facebook, claiming that he had been working with Jacques on the song before "Rome stripped (most) of my vocals released it, unmixed, unmastered and without our permission and without any credit to me as an author and collaborator." He added that the song is "something I was really, sincerely proud of creating and it kinda just got spit on and put out without any input from us as creators of it." FADER has reached out to Rome Fortune's camp for comment, and is awaiting response.

Rome Fortune Opens Up On “Pure”