Screaming Females Premiere “Empty Head”

The New Jersey trio share a clear-headed new one from their sixth LP.

December 02, 2014

Screaming Females have been a band for nearly a decade, and they've released five albums of sludgy, self-produced indie rock in that time. On February 24th, the New Jersey trio will release their sixth, Rose Mountain, with Matt Bayles handling production. Though album cut "Empty Head" is still marked by face-melting shredding, classic rock structures, and a ruggedly stoned chorus, it's also among the most clear-headed songs the trio has released to date. Why must I be the angry one? singer and guitarist Marissa Paternoster wonders on the vaguely poppy verse, her expressive howl as distinct as ever.

According to drummer Jarret Dougherty, "Empty Head" was written early in the album-making process but took a while to get just right. "Our focus for this record was to create the most melodic and concise music of our 10 year history," Dougherty told FADER over email. "Figuring out what was at the core of 'Empty Head' wasn't just important to this particular song, it was really part of the fundamental challenge of Rose Mountain as a whole." The album's out February 24 via the New Brunswick-based label Don Giovanni.

Lead photo: Lance Bangs

Screaming Females Premiere “Empty Head”