FADER Mix: thestand4rd

Stream a schitzo new mix featuring unreleased material from the R&B quartet.

December 16, 2014

There were no guarantees going into this FADER Mix by thestand4rd, a crew of four St. Paul studio lab rats: Spooky Black (aka Corbin?), alongside Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps and Psymun. What landed was a schizo mix that opens with a head-banging Hentai anthem and features exclusive remixes and unreleased material. The goopy, woodland hip-hop/R&B they spin is livened up by chaotic commentary from someone named DJ Crazy Frog, screaming about IPA addiction between tracks. But there are new gems to be discovered, too, from local outfits like K.Raydio and Bad Bad Hats, who nearly steal the show at dead center, to an ice-cold Jon Waltz/Allan Kingdom stray that's well worth its slot.

Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. PSYMUN: The studio. There are some speakers, a few guitars, a bass, a banjo, some keyboards, a hi-hat, a microphone, Corbin, and a lamp.

What makes a remix stand out? SPOOKY: If the remix is as impactful as the original song. But if the original song sucks, the remix makes it a good song.

What's the last book you read that had a major impact on you? PSYMUN: I don't read books, but the last one that I read was Get in the Van by Henry Rollins and it was sick.

What's two artists on this mix you'd love to hear make a song together? SPOOKY: MTC S3RL and AK tha block boss. That would be cool haha.

What's the funniest true story that's happened on tour? PSYMUN: In New York we saw one man peeing. We saw his peen.

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? SPOOKY: Spaghetti. You boil water, drop spaghetti in, and then you pour the slimy spaghetti into a strainer and eat it with sauce, or cheese, or both, who cares.


MTC S3RL - "Hentai Girl"
Chester Watson - "Fantastic" (prod. bsd.u)
Appleby - "Spit On Me" (prod. HNRK)
Wicca Phase Spring Eternal - "It Takes" (prod. Drip-133)
FKA Twigs - "Pendulum" (Psymun Remix)
Corbin & Psymun - "Unreleased Song"
Little Cloud - "From Nowhere"
Inner Wave - "American Spirits"
prime.cut - "Quit Your Job"
Earl Sweatshirt - "Molasses" (Psymun Remix)
K.Raydio - "Superstar" (prod. Ackryte)
Bad Bad Hats - "A Bout"
Kevin Abstract - "Heroina" (prod. Romil)
Glass Animals - "Gooey"
Jon Waltz - "Victoria" (feat. Allan Kingdom)
Happy Diving - "Sincere"
Swiff D - "Doug"
8-Ball & MJG - "Space Age Pimpin"
Bobby Raps - "Space Age Pimpin Remix"
A.K. - "2 Zips" (prod. The Brain)
Bobby Raps & Sinister Grinch - "Stankasious"
Young Thug - "Shooting Star" (feat. Gucci Mane)
Bobby Raps - "Brixndastash"

FADER Mix: thestand4rd