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Q-Tip, Solange Knowles, and Tyler, The Creator Spring to Azealia Banks’ Defense On Twitter

Your faves stepped up for Banks after Action Bronson got embroiled in the Azealia vs Azalea beef.

December 20, 2014

Update 20/12/14 4:49p.m.: Q-Tip has also just written a series of tweets to Iggy Azalea outlining the history of hip-hop, telling her "you have to take into account the HISTORY as you move under the banner of hiphop." Read up here.

Update 20/12/14 1:14p.m.: This article previously stated that Solange and Tyler tweeted their support for Banks after her dispute with Bronson, when in fact it was earlier in the day.

Another day, another chapter in the Azealia Banks versus Iggy Azalea beef. If you're not up to speed: this week, Banks detailed her issues with Azalea during an interview on Hot 97, saying that musically the Australian rapper is "not excellent." This led to Azalea tweeting a long and ill-judged defense during which she called Banks a "bigot" with a "piss poor attitude," adding "there are many black artists succeeding in all genres."

Yesterday, Action Bronson became embroiled in the ongoing dispute, with Q-Tip, Solange Knowles and Tyler, the Creator all voicing their support for Banks.

It all started when a fan asked Banks what she thought of other white rappers, tagging Bronson. This quickly deteriorated into a slanging match between Banks and Bronson:

Soon, another fan took it upon themselves to RT Bronson's "civil rights" comment, CCing Q-Tip, Solange, and Tyler. Solange and Q-Tip challenged Bronson's highly questionable word choices.

FYI, Solange and Tyler had earlier tweeted their support of Banks.

By this point, Bronson was totally over it.

But Banks pretty much had the final word.

Photo credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty

Q-Tip, Solange Knowles, and Tyler, The Creator Spring to Azealia Banks’ Defense On Twitter