Listen To Michna And MNDR’s Slinky “Solid Gold”

Smooth, dark electro from the NYC pair.

January 07, 2015

It's been seven years since NYC-via-Miami producer Adrian Michna released his debut LP, 2008's Magic Monday. The Ghostly regular hasn't been totally silent—he put out the totally ace Moving Mountains EP in 2012—but regardless, it's nice to know there's another fat sack of tracks on the way in the form of Thousand Thursday, which sees release on February 3. The latest single from the LP, "Solid Gold," is a slinky electro track that features NYC singer/songwriter MNDR on the vocal tip.

"These past few years I've found myself DJ'ing more than ever, and have developed a real love for all things 110 bpm," Michna told FADER in an email. "I set all my machines to this tempo and shot 5 ideas over to MNDR, leaving out lead melodies to see what they'd come up with.From there it was a healthy back n forth of us stacking up elements. On the icings I applied dimensional expansions, then mixed the song about 9 times til it felt right."

MNDR's statement to FADER was more cryptic but no less interesting: "If we drink in everything all of the time we eventually try to make it into gold and that will be our demise. We live In The Dust Of This Planet."

Lead photo: Tonje Thilesen

Listen To Michna And MNDR’s Slinky “Solid Gold”