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Watch Netta Brielle and IamSu!’s “3xKrazy” Bay Area Dance Jam

Nah but I’m from here from here, she says.

January 09, 2015

Wavy, feeling hella on, shook up, feeling some type of way, karazy, woo-eee!,—these are just some of the ways Netta Brielle's Iamsu!-featuring and radio-ready club thumper "3XKrazy" might make you feel. In the video, which premieres on FADER today, the two Bay Area buddies don straight jackets till breaking free, at which point Brielle executes an impressive dance routine in her Calvins.

"3XKrazy" is a Bay Area song through and through. "The sound and style of [the song] represents where I come from, and I wanted to make sure it was as organic as possible," Brielle told FADER. "I teamed up with P-Lo & Traxamillion, two Bay Area native producers, who gave that exact feel I was looking for. I wanted that popular party vibe, but I also wanted to make sure I was sangin'," she says. As she flexes on the song's intro, Nah, I'm from here from here.

Watch Netta Brielle and IamSu!’s “3xKrazy” Bay Area Dance Jam