Murlo’s “Jasmine” Will Make You Feel Like Spring’s Already Here

The UK producer teams up with Dublin singer Gemma Dunleavy for a slice of dancehall-rinsed pop.

January 20, 2015

London producer Murlo made a name for himself with his decadent take on grime, pulling richly evocative melodies out of thin air. More recently, he hinted an appreciation for pop that's now gone full bloom with his Jasmine EP, out February 6th on Mixpak—the first in a series of EPs he's making for the NYC label this year. The title track, which The FADER is premiering today, gives me those same chills that Sampha and Jessie Ware hit on with "Valentine" a few years back. Dublin singer Gemma Dunleavy's sweet lilt skitters over Murlo's medley of piano, handclaps, and the gentlest of dancehall shoulder rolls.

"The lyrics responded to the vocal melodies, textures and rhythms rather than the other way around," Dunleavy told The FADER. "It was great being able to indulge in my R&B influences; I felt like that style really suited the vibe of the tracks." Murlo told us he was introduced to Gemma by chance, even though they've never actually met. "It isn't often I collaborate without being in the same room with the other artist but it worked," he explained. "Probably mainly due to Gemma's talent." Listen to the chemistry below.

Photo credit: Akinola Davies Jr.

Murlo’s “Jasmine” Will Make You Feel Like Spring’s Already Here