The Twigs Want FKA Twigs To Change Her Name Again

Maybe she should try Baby Branches?

fka twigs
Photographer Charlie Engman
February 06, 2015

Linda and Laura Good, the duo known as The Twigs, are still none too pleased by the professional nomenclature of Tahlia Barnett, who formerly went by Twigs but now goes by FKA Twigs. Last year, the FADER cover star amended the "FKA" to her stage name after the duo turned down her offer to buy the handle for $15,000. Those three additional letters were not enough for the duo, however, so they're still claiming that Barnett is in violation of their trademark. "We have not agreed to this distinction," Laura Good told Billboard. "Since September 2013, [Barnett] has been on notice of her willful trademark violation."

"The only way I won't have to change my name is if they say that I don't have to. And they're not gonna say that," Barnett told Dazed last year. "I'm not angry, but I do feel sad about it. It'll be fine. I might call myself FKA tree trunk. Or FKA baby branches. Or IRL twigs." Our vote goes to FKA baby branches.

Photo credit: Robin Marchant/Getty

The Twigs Want FKA Twigs To Change Her Name Again