Yumi Zouma’s “Song For Zoe & Gwen” Is Your New Prom Anthem

Dreamy song from the New Zealand band’s new EP.

February 17, 2015

I love songs like Yumi Zouma's "Song For Zoe & Gwen"—the type of soft-focus, neon-glow pop song that sounds just distantly out of reach, but carries a melody so sincere and wistful that you wish you could clutch it to your chest and keep it there forever. Accordingly, the song itself carries some emotional weight for the New Zealand band, as they told us in an email: "'Song for Zoe & G' is one of the few Yumi Zouma songs that was started before we ever released music in a public way but finished after people had heard us. I don't know if that changed our approach or the end product but it was an interesting time. I remember getting the session and trying to make it sound more 'Yumi' then realizing that was stupid and normal transition resumed. Zoe was Charlie of (Yumi Zouma's) date to the 7th form ball (aka New Zealand prom). She was kool."

Yumi Zouma's new EP, EP II, comes out on March 10 via Cascine. Check out the band's tour dates below, too:

March 13 - EP Release Show @ Cameo Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
March 15 - GALAX Z FAIR @ Cine El Rey - McAllen, TX
March 17-21 - SXSW
April 9 - Le Pop Up du Label - Paris, France
April 10 - Bird, Motel Mozaique Festival - Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 11 - Rosi's, Karrera Club - Berlin, Germany
April 18 - Red Gallery - London, UK

Lead image: Landon Speers

Yumi Zouma’s “Song For Zoe & Gwen” Is Your New Prom Anthem