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Django Django’s “Reflections” Is Throbbing Hypnosis Music

Hear a cut from the British band’s sophomore effort.

March 17, 2015

British psych-rockers Django Django burst onto the scene back in 2012 with a self-titled debut that was as excellent as it was underappreciated; on May 5, they return with their second album, Born Under Saturn, via Ribbon Music. "Reflections" is a trippy cut that walks the line between rock and electronic music, blurring the distinctions just enough to give you a serious sense of psychosis (in a good way). "I was messing around with the verse chords on the studio," guitarist Vinny Neff told FADER about the song. "Jim had bought an old Russian drum machine, we tapped out a drum pattern into it which we ended up leaving on the track. Later when we tried to include vocal melody, the chords which were in minor, made the vocals sound quite melancholy. So we switched a lot of them to major which opened it up and kept the minor sequence for the middle eight. Dave got James in from Roller Trio, who we'd met at the mercury awards to play over this section. He did an amazing set of takes within an hour or two. A good day at the office."

Lead image: Fiona Garden

Django Django’s “Reflections” Is Throbbing Hypnosis Music