Django Django and Self Esteem’s new video is synth-pop magic

Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club guests on “Surface To Air.”

January 30, 2018

The U.K. four-piece Django Django love to color outside the lines in their knotty, experimental pop songs. “Surface to Air” is a breezy — and instantly catchy — standout on their third album, Marble Skies, which was released this month on Because Music. The song is anchored by Self Esteem (a.k.a Rebecca Taylor of Sheffield duo Slow Club), whose vocals feel just as carefree as her nonchalant performance in the video. As well as moments where she rides a BMX at twilight, she confidently poses on a car’s roof, rocking a very strong, very ‘90s Patricia Arquette platinum hair/red lipstick combo.


Rebecca Taylor, a.k.a. Self Esteem, explained more over email: “I spent two days in the sun with four cute boys. People did my makeup and hair and I knew I was going to get to keep the coat so I was buzzing. I love making videos a lot. I'm really proud of this song and it's an honor to work with my brothers Django Django.”

Vincent Neff of Django Django, added: “The song’s about two people trying to suss where they are with each other and figuring what the future holds for them both. I always imagined them sitting in a car at the top of a hill at dusk with a large expansive sky in front of them. I love that the video has a dusty, twilight quality near the end, which is how I saw it in my head originally.”

Watch the video above.

Django Django and Self Esteem’s new video is synth-pop magic