Hear A Vulnerable New Track From Shallou

“Surface” is a sad song you can dance to.

April 02, 2015

New Orleans-based producer and remix virtuoso Shallou has been releasing a steady stream of soulful beat music over the past year. His latest track, "Surface," is a heady concoction of pitched down vocals, fizzy samples, and throbbing percussion. Even if the basic elements might be familiar to the SoundCloud digging crowd, his vulnerability makes him stand out from the pack. Though the texture is synthetic, the feelings are flesh and blood.

"Surface" is one of those rare songs you could throw on either at a party or during a melancholy walk through the streets. "The lyrics deal with hiding your emotions and fears from others," he told FADER. "In most Shallou tracks I love to combine melancholy themes with upbeat arrangements. With 'Surface,' I wanted the listener to be able to derive meaning from the song on their darkest days, as well as dance to it in their happiest moments."

Lead image: Graham Hamaker

Posted: April 02, 2015
Hear A Vulnerable New Track From Shallou