Hear Vic Mensa And Kanye West’s “U Mad”

And more on the song’s backstory, from producer Stefan Ponce.

April 09, 2015

UPDATE 4/17/15 11:37 p.m.: "U Mad" is now available for purchase on iTunes.

After several teases, check out an all new collaboration between Vic Mensa and Kanye West, "U Mad," produced by Stefan Ponce, Smoko Ono, Mike Dean and Kanye West. The track originally started as a sketch between Vic, Smoko and Ponce, when it bled over into So Help Me God sessions in LA.

"The original song that 'U Mad' was on was a song called 'You Know Me Too Well,' and it turned into a crazy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type thing," Ponce told The FADER. "'U Mad' got so hot we were like let's just make it the song itself."

Ponce confirmed that Vic and Ye have worked on more material, and said he's worked on other records that might end up on Kanye West's upcoming seventh studio album, So Help Me God. Speaking about one song that will not be included on that album, Ponce said: "This one shit, man, I did drums to, is exactly like Graduation. I played it for Tom [Krell] from How To Dress Well in the studio the other day, and he's like 'Man, this sounds exactly like Graduation.' I'm like 'Man, that's what I wanted.'" Speaking about other unreleased material he's heard in So Help Me God sessions, Ponce said, "It's definitely more poppy."

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post suggested that an unreleased song produced by Stefan Ponce might be included on Kanye West's upcoming So Help Me God. A rep for Ponce has confirmed it will not be included on that record.

Hear Vic Mensa And Kanye West’s “U Mad”