This RP Boo Mix Of Unreleased Shangaan Electro Tracks Is Electrifying

The Chicago footwork producer dives into the archives of South African innovator Nozinja.

April 24, 2015

In 2010, UK label Honest Jon's released a little compilation of Shangaan Electro sounds from South Africa. The music was wild, with high-speed beats that landed with razor-sharp precision and wriggly melodies that tickled the senses. At the forefront of the scene was a producer called Nozinja, who is widely credited for inventing the warp-speed sound. Fittingly, he's found a home on Warp Records, and, ahead of the release of his debut album this June, another music innovator has been given the chance to dig through Nozinja's archive.

Chicago footwork legend RP Boo, pictured above, has made a mix entirely comprised of unreleased tracks by the Shangaan Electro inventor. In addition to being a joy to listen to, it also highlights the relationship between the two regional dance musics, both of which exist in the intersection of speed and grace. "It was an honor for me to be a part of a special mix project for Shangaan Electro," RP Boo told The FADER. "I had never been asked to go outside of the planted sound of footwork and embrace another dynamic style of sound. I simply added some flavor to an already moveable source—bionic groove—and would do it again with pleasure. Just alone I enjoy the sounds of Shangaan Electro—keep fueling the movement of body and soul. Let's footwork together, world." Warp will release Nozinja's debut album Nozinja Lodge on June 2nd. If you're in New York, catch Nozinja kicking off RBMA's NYC Festival on May 1st.

Photo credit: Wills Glasspiegal

This RP Boo Mix Of Unreleased Shangaan Electro Tracks Is Electrifying