Frank Ocean Interviewed Lil B For His Upcoming Magazine

Ocean’s interview with the Based God will be accompanied by Nabil photos.

May 05, 2015

Update 5/5/15 5:40 p.m.: Nabil shot photos for Frank Ocean's his new magazine that will accompany a Lil B interview conducted by Frank Ocean himself. Nabil confirmed this to The FADER on Twitter. He added that he would "def" do a video with Lil B, if given the chance. Miracles on miracles.

Sure, renowned film and video director Nabil has created iconic, affecting visuals for Kanye West, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Jeremy Scott, Nike and more, and has also begun production on his debut feature-length film, but the Iranian-American director may have just landed his biggest gig yet. This afternoon Nabil shared a photo of himself alongside Lil B, and hinted that the two just wrapped a project together at the East Bay Vivarium pet store in Berkley. Could this be some sort of sequel to the seminal "I Love You" video, filmed at the same landmark pet store and noted as the most honest/touching video of 2013? Hopefully. Will we cry when we watch it? Probably. Does this mean there's new Lil B music on the way? We can only pray.

That's a Rap wit the sensai @lilbisgod what a bro!
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Frank Ocean Interviewed Lil B For His Upcoming Magazine