Spotify Announces That It Will Add Video Content

The company looks to be more competitive by partnering with TV channels and other media companies.

May 20, 2015

At a highly-anticipated press event in New York City on Wednesday, Spotify announced that it is expanding in multiple directions, as part of an effort to become more than just a music-streaming service. The company will now host video content, podcasts, a new playlist generator, and a service devoted to running. In addition, Spotify announced partnerships with media companies and brands, including ABC, Comedy Central, Nike, BBC, Condé Nast, ESPN, NBC, and Vice Media.


Spotify users will now be able to use the platform to watch clips of TV shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon or Broad City. The company will also integrate talk radio, so you can pull up NPR or Radiolab through the service.

Music content was not ignored—Spotify stressed a more complex playlist generator called the “Now start” page, which sounds similar to the system used by Songza or Beats Music, taking into account mood, time of day, your preferences, and expert recommendations. “Spotify Running” promises to incorporate your tastes and your running speed when making exercise playlists. DJs like Tiesto will also compose original music specifically for Spotify Running, and the company is collaborating with Nike on Nike+, to combine your exercise habits and your musical tastes into one app.

These developments are presumably part of an effort to stand apart in an increasingly crowded streaming landscape, which now includes Jay Z's exclusive content-driven Tidal, newly-launched MixRadio, and Apple's upcoming re-entry into the market.

Spotify Announces That It Will Add Video Content