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Interact With A Kanye Avatar On Your Phone Using The Ye.i App

“Today we’re standing at an evolutionary precipice and everyone should be asking the same question: where does Kanye West fit into this?”

May 20, 2015

Kanye West continues to inspire open-minded creators to make new products: Sid Kandan and Carlos Roque have developed an app called Ye.i that brings a Kanye figure to your phone that you can interact with. The two designers, who call themselves “Kanye Futurists,” see everything through a Kanye-tinted lens. Sid told Complex that “Kanye’s message of inspiring creators motivated us to build a product that he would be proud of.” Carlos applied lessons learned from the Kanye discography when working on Ye.I, suggesting that, “we wanted to make it minimal like Rick Rubin's Yeezus approach, keeping it raw and functional.” And when an early version of the app got rejected by Apple, Sid says, “I found myself relating to the emotions and struggles Kanye expressed.”


Get the app here, and catch up on other new Kanye-inspired productions, including a children's book and a calendar.

Interact With A Kanye Avatar On Your Phone Using The Ye.i App