Lil B Prays For James Harden

“Does Harden really know about true artistry?”

May 27, 2015

James Harden’s Rockets are down three games to one against the Golden State Warriors, with a potentially series-ending game 5 tonight. Lil B has still not lifted the famous curse that he—and most of the internet—claims crippled Harden in games 3 and 4. In an interview with Billboard yesterday, the rapper discussed various aspects of his curse and the connection between the cooking dance and Picasso. Check out highlights of the conversation below.


On the importance of originality: “I mean, I'm always dealing with a lot of people stealing my stuff, and it's hard for the masses to find out sometimes where something originated from. You have to protect yourself and call something out, and see where Harden is. Does Harden really know about true artistry? What is Harden paying attention to?”

On the beauty of the cooking dance: “It's just like a Picasso painting -- some people might have recreated a Picasso painting many times, and there might be some gullible buyers that buy that Picasso painting, not even knowing that it's not original. To me, I think you should want the real artist, not the off-brand stuff.”

On the mechanics of the curse: “It's all from the Based God. I get word from the Based God, and he does the rest. I'm Lil B, but the Based God does what he does.”

On the difference between Harden’s curse and Durant’s: “Harden has officially been cursed, but as the Based God said, it's only for these playoffs. It's not as dramatic as Kevin Durant's curse.”

On what Durant has to do to end his curse: “All he has to do is play me one-on-one, in a game of 21, and the curse will be done. That's easy!... Does Kevin Durant really love basketball? Play a game of 21! He's not that busy.”

On what Harden has to do to end his curse: “I just pray for [Harden’s] personality and his sportsmanship and knowledge of true art, and where it comes from… There are people that have a lot of money, but just aren't conscious and are tools. I pray he's not a tool.”


Lead Image: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Lil B Prays For James Harden