Futuristic Techno Collective DUST Premieres Folklore-Inspired “Ghosts of Bali”

Serious rainforest vibes.

June 02, 2015

DUST is the brainchild of audio engineer Michael Sherburn and John Barclay, a founding member of D.I.Y. venues like 285 Kent and Bossa Nova Civic Club. While DUST comes from Brooklyn, for their multi-sensory live performances they are joined by Korean performance artist Greem Jellyfish and Berlin-based artist Angela Chambers. Perhaps it's DUST's sprawling connections to different corners of the creative world that draw them to cite "intertropical convergence zones" as inspiration for their new EP, Paradise Simulator.

"Ghosts of Bali", the lead track from the EP, is an eight minute-long soundscape with swift drum patterns and airy synths that finds a very atmospheric center. Think lush, foggy rainforests and fluid movement. "The song is inspired by an Indonesian ghost known as the leyak," Sherburn told The FADER via email. "The song is the spirit's soundtrack as it flies around Bali looking for its next victim." Stream the warm, moody cut below, and also check out the acid-tripping video for the track directed by Dona Arbabzadeh below. Paradise Simulator is out today digitally on the New York label SCI-FI & FANTASY, with vinyl following later this month.

Dona Arbabzadeh / YouTube
Futuristic Techno Collective DUST Premieres Folklore-Inspired “Ghosts of Bali”