Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Music Announcement

Live updates from the WWDC keynote.

June 08, 2015
Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Music Announcement Justin Sullivan/Getty

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off Monday in San Francisco. During the keynote at 10:00 AM PST, Apple is expected to announce their new music streaming service, iOS updates, a new Apple TV, and more. Watch the keynote live here (on Safari or your Apple TV), and follow along with The FADER below.

Update 6/8/15 1:03 PM: The conference opened with a star-studded Bill Hader skit (Abed from Community! Angry Bird!).

Then Tim Cook took the stage in jeans to more formally get things started. "We've got a jam-packed morning for you," he teased.

Update 6/8/15 1:45 PM: Eddy Cue is excited.

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Service who was instrumental in building iTunes store, has teased today's keynote on his Twitter.

Update 6/8/15 1:47 PM: Meet Jennifer Bailey.

In an interview with Mashable ahead of the conference, Tim Cook said that the widely watched keynote will not be all-male. And here we go: Apple has now brought Jennifer Bailey, an Apple Pay executive, on stage to talk about payments and Apple Pay's future in the UK.

Update 6/8/15 2:05 PM: Apple Maps adds Transit.

The new Maps will include a Transit view that will include public transportation routes and directions. Better yet, it will account for walking time to the subway station, and etc.

Update 6/8/15 2:13 PM: Look forward to better battery life.

Put down the Mophie—the iOS 9 update includes improvements that will allow for an hour more of battery mode. It will also feature a "low-power" mode that could free up three more extra hours.

Update 6/8/15 2:17 PM: Swift 2 will be open source.

Swift 2 will open up Apple's programming language for all developers, so DIY apps for everyone! This announcement earned a hearty applause from the audience.

Update 6/8/15 2:27 PM: The new Watch OS will bring native apps to your wrist.

FaceTime on your wrist.

Update 6/8/15 2:40 PM: We probably won't be getting a new Kanye West album out of this.

If you've tuned-in hoping that Swish might be dropped during the announcement, you can go back to work now. According to Buzzfeed's anonymous sources, Kanye West and Apple are still working “to finalize a deal, and negotiations between West and [Jimmy] Iovine continue.”

Update 6/8/15 2:54 PM: Apple Music will help you curate your music.

"It's a revolutionary music service curated by the leading music experts who we helped hand pick. These people are gonna help you with the most difficult question in music: when you’re listening to a playlist, what song comes next," Iovine says.

The teaser for the station also includes a new bit of Pharrell.

You can cop one, too. :)

Drake is here to discuss Connect, a service that will make it easier for artists to upload music.

"The dream of being a new artist like myself five years ago and connecting directly with the audience has never been more real," he says.

This has been fun but there still is a lot of ground to cover, as the NYT's Ben Sisario has pointed out on Twitter.
Update 6/8/15 3:18 PM: Here is what it will cost you...

$9.99 a month with first three months free for individuals; $14.99 for a family plan.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek seems...not impressed.
Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Music Announcement