Stream DJ Koze’s DJ Kicks Mix

It’s the 50th Installment of !K7 Records’ ongoing series, and it’s about trippy as you’d expect.

June 09, 2015

"Hi, freaks, welcome to the 50th issue of the DJ Kicks series," intones a strange, male voice, midway between that of a real person and a computerized imitation of one. "In the following 70 minutes, my neighbor Koze plays you some of his all-time favorite songs and tunes that make him feel… over… nice. Not just him—me and my whole fucking family too!" It's a puzzling introduction to the 50th installment of !K7 Records' ongoing DJ Kicks series, but then again, it's exactly the sort of WTF moment you can expect from Hamburg DJ/producer DJ Koze, whose sample-delic output consistently treads an ambiguous line between wide-eyed musical reverence and bonkers mischievousness.

Like the FADER mix he made for us last year, its 17 tracks feel like an extended dip into his bottomless musical subconsciousness, shuttling between Dilla-esque soul collages, Los Angeles beat scene deep cuts, spacious folk ballads, and even the odd snippet of Hawaiian lap steel. Like one of those long, epic dreams that you repeatedly fall back into after waking, its mix of subtle Koze edits (plus one stuttering original, opener "I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List") seems governed by a musical logic entirely of its own, which is probably why this is all DJ Koze had to say to The FADER about it: "For people who love these songs just like me, it´s just a fantastic mix compilation.“ Stream it in its gorgeous entirety now, check out the tracklist below, and pre-order it here, before it comes out next Monday, June 15th.


01. DJ Koze - I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List (DJ-KiCKS)
02. Dimlite - Can't Get Used To Those? (Kosi Edit) / Efdemin - Ohara
03. cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix)
04. Strong Arm Steady - Best Of Times (Instrumental)
05. Homeboy Sandman - Holiday (Kosi & Fink's Edit)
06. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shame (Instrumental)
07. Mndsgn - Camelblues (Kosi Edit)
08. Broadcast - Tears In The Typing Pool
09. Daniel Lanois - Carla
10. Hi-Tek / The 2 Bears - Come Get It (Tekstrumental) / Modern Family (Kosi Kos Mélange)
11. William Shatner - It Hasn't Happened Yet
12. Marker Starling - In Stride
13. Session Victim - Hyuwee (DJ Koze Remix)
14. Frank & Tony - Bring The Sun feat. Gry (Kosi Edit)
15. Marcel Fengler - Jaz (Kosi Edit)
16. Portable feat. Lcio - Surrender (Kosi Edit)
17. The Gentle People - Superstar

Stream DJ Koze’s DJ Kicks Mix