Stream Vince Staples’ Summertim’ '06

Listen to the rapper’s highly-anticipated debut a week before it hits stores.

Photographer Joyce Kim
June 22, 2015
Stream Vince Staples’ <i>Summertim’ '06</i>

2015 has been an impressive year for hip-hop albums so far, full of ambitious, challenging releases. Vince StaplesSummertime '06 is another one of these, a debut that reaches immediately for a grand statement: in the era of the Vine single, this is a double album. Staples gets help from Jhene Aiko, and DJ Dahi, but he’s confident enough not to recruit any superstars who might overshadow his efforts: this is the Staples show. Listen to the album over at NPR, watch a new documentary about the rapper, and read his recent interview with FADER.

Stream Vince Staples’ Summertim’ '06