Tinashe Just Made One Of The Year’s Creepiest Videos

The “Cold Sweat” visual is a long way from the fun of “All Hands On Deck.”

June 23, 2015

When James Brown released "Cold Sweat" in 1967, he conveyed the intensity of his state of mind with one of his trademark screams. Tinashe released the video for her own "Cold Sweat" track today, and her approach is far creepier. The song originally appeared on the singer's Aquarius album; it's a stormy, brooding number with production from Boi-1da and Sango. The clip takes everything to another level. At several points, Tinashe’s face appears to distort and melt and sprout three eyes, as if she’s a character in a Guillermo del Toro movie. One moment the singer is nodding, dead to the world like an addict in need of a fix, but seconds later, her eyes dart nervously side-to-side like she’s consumed by paranoia.

Sweat is a subject close to Tinashe's heart: earlier this month, she told FADER how to handle hot weather. "You just have to embrace sweat," she said. "Shift your perspective on it. Don't think, 'I'm gross.' Think, 'I'm fucking fabulous right now.' Sparkling!" Watch the singer's episide of "At Home With" on FADER TV below.

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Tinashe Just Made One Of The Year’s Creepiest Videos