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Vine Is Now Obsessed With Making Fun Of Your Bummy Sneakers


June 29, 2015

From the Bobby Shmurda mash-ups that made "Hot Nigga" pop last summer to the sausage freestyles that inspired Lil Mama's new single, Vine has a way of turning silly six-second moments into lasting trends we can't stop looping. The latest is a deep shoe-themed roasting that seems to have originated with this Vine of a man totally, and bravely, trashing a police officer for his boots. Here's a few that had us rolling—and double-checking that our Summer kicks were roast-proof.

There's nothing like the humiliation of having a sneakerhead point and laugh at your shoes, but the camera work here kind of makes the whole thing.
Less then two weeks later, the remakes came. This kid made fun of his classmate so hard he fell over.
Like, what are these Reeboks? A year later, this boy is still getting clowned for his shoe game.
This dude messed up by pairing a formal look with socks-and-sandals.
And this high school coach's flip-flops got him called out.
Not even Spongebob is safe.
Vine Is Now Obsessed With Making Fun Of Your Bummy Sneakers