Watch Scenes From The Ballet Scored By Jamie xx

The English producer wrote music for Tree Of Codes.

July 06, 2015

Tree Of Codes, the Jamie xx-scored ballet based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s writing, opened in Manchester earlier this month. Some clips from the performance hit the internet today. One spectator exclaims, “It was amazing! A sensory overload! … I thought it would maybe be quite traditional, but it was really contemporary, really modern, and something I’d never seen before: wow!”


It's a busy cross-disciplinary month for Jamie. Next up: he’s created a soundscape in response to a work in the National Gallery. His music will be on display—along with that piece of art that inspired it—in a special soundproof room starting July 8. Read what the producer has to say about the emotional power of ballet here.

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Watch Scenes From The Ballet Scored By Jamie xx