Oscar Key Sung’s “Brush” Video Makes R&B Danceable Again

The Melbourne musician will make you move with a purpose.

July 14, 2015

Thanks to Melbourne-based artist Oscar Key Sung the combination of dance and R&B are no longer defined by awkward high school moves. The premiere of his new video for "Brush," an electro-soul infused single from his new EP Altruism, is heavy on the synthesizers but doesn't overpower Oscar’s lustrous voice. And it's infectious enough to inspire a skillfully choreographed hip-hop dance number from the video girl and boy duo, who hit every beat and break with carefree ease.


Although the song may sound like a pure light-hearted dance track, beneath the surface the singer delivers a solid message about how to—or how not to—approach someone you fancy. "'Brush' is a song about stepping back and not presuming you can invade someone's space in a public situation,” says Oscar in an email to The FADER. “It's about stopping yourself as a male from thinking your opinion and desires are always important and need to be heard.” Oscar's Altruism EP is out now on iTunes.

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Oscar Key Sung’s “Brush” Video Makes R&B Danceable Again