Darkstar Announce Foam Island, S”are "Pin S”cure"

The duo will release a third album this fall.

July 23, 2015

Darkstar are set to release their third album, Foam Island, in October. To celebrate the announcement, the duo dropped a new, R&B-inspired track. "Pin Secure" is packed full of pleasing, gurgling synth tones, and the stolid beat comes lightly dusted with the rat-a-tat high hats that characterize so much modern hip-hop and R&B. During the hook, one particularly flowery synth makes an appearance, just as the vocals push towards a pulse-quickening falsetto.

The last Darkstar album, News From Nowhere, came out in February 2013. Foam Island hits stores October 2. Listen to "Pin Secure" below, pre-order the new full-length here, and revisit the group's FADER mix.


Foam Island Tracklist:
01. Basic Things
02. Inherent in the Fibre
03. Stoke the Fire
04. Cuts
05. Go Natural
06. A Different Kind of Struggle
07. Pin Secure
08. Through the Motions
09. Tilly's Theme
10. Foam Island
11. Javan's Call
12. Days Burn Blue

Darkstar Announce Foam Island, S”are "Pin S”cure"