Future Talks About The Making Of DS2

Get the scoop on “Groupies,” “Stick Talk,” “Lil One,” and “Freak Hoe.”

August 04, 2015

In Part 2 of his track-by-track commentary series, Future delves into four more DS2 tracks. "Groupies" is a vivid rendering of "a moment" in Future's life, he explains, while "Lil One" is "what the streets, they need." On that tip, "Stick Talk" is a Southside-produced exultation written in the "lingo of the hood." "Freak Hoe," on the other hand, is a song that almost wasn't. "Everything I do, I do it with positive energy," says Future, "no matter what it's talking about."


Revisit Part 1, and watch this space for more behind the scenes commentary in the coming days.

Future Talks About The Making Of DS2