Sean Price Memorialized With Crown Heights Mural

Courtesy of Meres One.

August 10, 2015

The rapper Sean Price was found dead on Saturday of unknown causes. The next day, the artist Meres One started a project to commemorate the MC. Meres is known for his work as a curator 5 Pointz, the outdoor art space in Long Island City that centers on graffiti. He told Gothamist, "All of [Price's] label [Duck Down] would come to 5 Pointz...I had this wall for a year and I wanted to do a portrait, I just didn't know who. It just was a perfect fit, one of the illest out of Brooklyn." Meres continued, "This is like payback, especially to him. I'm not going to change it. He has a permanent home here." You can see the mural 's progress above and check out more photos over at Gothamist. To donate to Price's family, go here.

Sean Price Memorialized With Crown Heights Mural