Cash+David’s “Pains 4 U” Is A Wistful Anthem

The duo shares their “mantra of contrition.”

August 17, 2015

“Pains 4 U” wastes no time: this song establishes a mood of bruised regret with its opening line: Could've had it all. Cash + David, an English duo, create a smooth, bubbly track to balance the lyrics' raw hurt. In an email, the duo tells FADER, “‘Pains 4 U’ is a hypnotic repent, a call for redemption after a colossal loss. It’s a mantra of contrition with the desire to pay off a debt of pain.”

Surprisingly, the Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune bursts into the track for a brief verse halfway through. The MC has been working with a wide range of collaborators recently, from fellow Atlantans like iLoveMakonnen to the English producer Four Tet. It’s a testament to his versatility that he fits easily into the track’s melancholy wash—everyone can identify with contrition. Listen below.

Cash+David’s “Pains 4 U” Is A Wistful Anthem