Jme Declares Himself “The Very Best”

“If you take offense that’s your business.”

September 03, 2015

The grime MC Jme has been very busy this year. In May, he released the album Integrity. In July, he decided to make an entire mixtape in less than 24 hours. Today he dropped a new song titled "The Very Best." Jme announced his intention to share the track on Twitter as he headed home in a car. "I'm the deepest," he wrote. "The best. All this traffic all I want to do is upload this fire." Shortly after that, he Tweeted an update: "3 minutes and 57 seconds from my house." Eventually he got home, put out his new tune, and instructed everyone to "turn the fucking volume up." Listen above, and revisit the most inspirational bars on Integrity.

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Jme Declares Himself “The Very Best”