Listen To Mykki Blanco’s Label Compilation, C-ORE, In Full

Dogfood Music Group’s first artistic statement is one of thrilling disruption.

September 15, 2015

As we reported back in July, New York artist Mykki Blanco has set up a label called Dogfood Music Group and will release its opening statement on September 18th: C-ORE, a compilation of tracks by the label's artists premiering on The FADER today. The wonderfully titled "This Is Going To Be Disgusting, Unholy, And Pleasurable" by L.A.'s Violence is the opening track, setting a tone of seductive ambience and metal-tinged theatrics. There's also unnerving beats from NYC's Psychoegyptian, sharp bars from Blanco, and both pneumatic noise and gorgeous soundscapes from Turin's Yves Tumor. It's a thrill to hear these tracks rubbing shoulders, feeding off the friction, and playfully disrupting preconceptions.

"C-ORE came about through us all being friends," Dogfood Music Group told The FADER. "It was a way for Mykki to help us establish a wider audience. Each of our songs has different meanings. We made them individually in the span of time recording for C-ORE. They're summations of a bunch of personal ideas, each line carrying new meanings and adding to the idea as a whole. [There are] tons of historical references as well as references to prehistory humans and humanoids, ethics, and contemporary life."


Dogfood Music Group will release C-ORE on September 18th. Listen below in full now, and pre-order it here. For more about the crew, read Adam Harper's latest System Focus column.

Listen To Mykki Blanco’s Label Compilation, C-ORE, In Full