Viet Cong Announces Name Change

“This is not what our band is about.”

September 21, 2015

Over the weekend, the four members of the rock group Viet Cong shared a lengthy Facebook post explaining their decision to pick a new name.

"Over the last year," they noted, "we have essentially lived our lives in a tour van and in music venues, playing over 130 shows. In that time we’ve met many amazing people and had many great conversations with people in person... we’ve been listening, talking and having lots of valuable conversations with the members of the Vietnamese community about the name. Through this dialogue and hearing about what the name means to so many people, we have decided we will be changing the name of our band."


"Art and music are about creative expression," they continued. "However, our band name is not our cause, and we are not going to fight for it. This is not what our band is about."

At the moment, the band doesn't have a new title. "We rushed into our last band name decision, we don’t plan to rush into this one, but know that will be rolling out a new name as soon as we agree upon one."

Earlier this year, Slaves, Perfect Pussy, and Stay+ spoke with FADER about censorship and artistic freedom in the outrage age. Read Viet Cong's full post below.

Our band lives to play music. We don’t particularly like doing press, most of us are fairly private people and we have...

Posted by Viet Cong on Saturday, September 19, 2015
Viet Cong Announces Name Change