FADER Mix: Dogfood Music Group

The three artists on Mykki Blanco’s label—Psychoegyptian, Yves Tumor, and Violence—whip up an absorbing mixtape of unreleased, original material.

September 22, 2015

This week's FADER Mix is a pretty special one: less a DJ mix and more a mixtape, it's entirely composed of original, unreleased music by Psychoegyptian, Yves Tumor, and Violence, the three artists on NYC rapper Mykki Blanco's Dogfood Music Group label. It serves as both a companion piece to last week's C-ORE compilation and a chance to burrow deeper inside their individual worlds: Psychoegyptian's sneering yet sultry, rave-rinsed hip-hop; Yves Tumor's memory-soaked collages, by turn warm and claustrophobic; and Violence's reverb-heavy, doom metal theatrics. It's a trip, that's for sure. Dive in below, and scroll down to get to know the minds behind the music.


Where are you right now? Please describe your surroundings.


YVES TUMOR: Currently on holiday in Chania, Crete. Extremely dim-lit room playing DS2 from my phone.

VIOLENCE: Right now I'm on a bus to Baltimore. The quality of light in this part of the country is so specific.

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN: I'm in the Apple Store on 14th listening to Abra. Here answering emails while reanalyzing the ways of things valid or invalid. These lyrics tho: take it wit grace and I'm young and I waste you away.


Tell us about this mix—what do you imagine people doing while listening to it?

YVES TUMOR: The mix is a sequence of songs from PSYCHOEGYPTIAN, YVES TUMOR, and VIOLENCE. A few edits and new junts from Psycho (hola zygote), the second bit in the mix are new YT songs from the next release out next year. And the last bit are some unreleased junts from Palms (Peewee).

VIOLENCE: I imagine a montage of people walking around Hong Kong from an '80s movie. Or people walking around Ahmednagar, scarves wrapped around their faces, the sunlight horizontal, cutting through the fog of car exhaust.


PSYCHOEGYPTIAN: It's a mix arranged by Yves Tumor with music from each of us. I think i just want ppl to vibe.

Congratulations on C-ORE. What did making it teach you?

YVES TUMOR: Love is endless.


VIOLENCE: I learned a lot about my process while working on C-ORE. It gave me some perspective on how to interact with sounds. I'm still learning, coming to new conclusions constantly. Learned some new life lessons I'll soon begin putting into practice.

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN: It was a great possibility in learning what is possible in working with comrades.

What's next for the Dogfood Music Group crew?


YVES TUMOR: European, U.S., South American tour.

VIOLENCE: I'm working on an album and an EP, and music videos and whatnot. We'll see how it all goes.

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN: Heres a link to my new music.


What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you?

VIOLENCE: I'm currently reading Gender Trouble and Moby Dick. They both feel necessary. American Classics.

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN: It was a book called In Praise of Shadows. It was written by a Japanese man/poet about the importance of detail and how the aesthetics of culture and place can be entwined in peoples lives.


And finally, what's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it?

VIOLENCE: My favorite dish is this tofu scramble I make with celery, sesame oil, kale, scallions, broccoli. I sometimes make a gravy with mushrooms, sesame seeds, soy sauce, and nutritional yeast that goes on top, with rice beneath the scramble soakin' up the juices.

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN: I keep it basic with juice, and an egg and bacon on a roll.


1. PsychoEgyptian - Celebrate
2. PsychoEgyptian - Venom
3. PsychoEgyptian - Docz Remix (prod by AmbienBoi)
4. PsychoEgyptian - Pretty Boy Remix (Prod. by Neuport)
5. Yves Tumor - Kditu
6. Yves Tumor - Skeen
7. Yves Tumor - Dallensvagen
8. Yves Tumor - She Don't Mind / Face Of A Demon (Mrs. Carter)
9. VIOLENCE - No Life
10. VIOLENCE - Wholly Alien, One Drop of White Blood
11. VIOLENCE - Abrahamson
12. VIOLENCE - I Write Letters


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FADER Mix: Dogfood Music Group