Download Every Issue Of The FADER, For Free

We’re celebrating our 100th issue by giving away the entire archive.

October 13, 2015

To celebrate our 100th issue, The FADER is proud to partner with BitTorrent to release our entire print archive—16 years of reporting—for free. At The FADER, we believe in bringing cultures together, and that everyone deserves access. So this is our gift to you.


To get your hands on the bundle, simply hit the blue "download" button above. You can either grab the issue 100 PDF and a video featuring commentary from artists including Pharrell and Drake (watch a clip above), or you can enter your email to unlock the complete archive of issues 1-99 on PDF and three bonus videos. Heads up: it's 5GB of free stuff.

The FADER's 100th issue is a celebration of music and media, and the people and events that changed everything in the years since The FADER was founded in 1999. To mark this milestone, we’re opening up our archives and offering 16 years of historic music reporting and photography to our fans for free, for the first time. Many of The FADER’s issues are hard to find or collector's items that have been sold out for a long time. Through this partnership with BitTorrent, we’re giving longtime readers the chance to finally complete their collection of The FADER. And new readers will get an opportunity to see where the magazine began. Looking back, it’s incredible to see that, as much as the magazine has grown and evolved, the core mission has remained the same: to reveal what’s next in music and culture, and to celebrate the lifestyle around it all. We hope you’ll enjoy reading.

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Download Every Issue Of The FADER, For Free