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KR Debuts His New Sultry And Bold Persona In “Bout That”

The young bedroom rapper takes you to the bedroom.

November 09, 2015
Directed by Anthony Supreme

L.A.-based young bedroom rapper KR is still a bit of an enigma, although almost all of his SoundCloud uploads have plays in the hundreds of thousands. Following his I$0Lyf3 project—a three-mixtape series that dabbles in a range of styles, from trap to boom-bap—KR is still figuring out who he is.


With this new visual for his track "Bout That," KR debuts a persona that seems drastically more mature, as he raps and sings with a bold sensuality. His sultry voice glides over the warm bass in the instrumental produced by Fayo & Chill, making audacious claims: If you leaving with me/I be running the street/I'll fuck you right every week. However forward he is in his lyrics though, KR remains a mystery throughout the Anthony Supreme-directed video. He's portrayed only in the shadows, usually moving in slow motion and flanked by women.

"I made 'Bout That' because that's the vibe I was feeling when I heard the track," KR told The FADER over email. "I don't want to be boxed in, each song that I create is it’s own body of work. I would like my fans to see there are more layers to me than they have already seen. As I grow as a person, I will always experiment with different types of sounds.”

KR Debuts His New Sultry And Bold Persona In “Bout That”