Watch Pell’s “Queso” Video

“Got that moolah moolah!”

November 10, 2015

Earlier this year, Pell spoke with FADER about his decision to work with Dave Sitek on his recently released LIMBO project. "Dave's sound is really distinctive," he explained. "I think it just enhances mine, because it challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone and approach things more creatively. If you're not growing, you're either standing still or you're slowly decaying. I want to be constantly growing, as a human, as well as an artist."


Today the MC unveiled the video for "Queso," the fourth track on LIMBO. The hand-percussion funk groove exists in a world apart from the sounds that dominate contemporary hip-hop production—the retro-soul beat wouldn't have been out of place on Kelis' Food album, which Sitek also produced. The video is playful, full of quick zooms and colors that pop off the screen. Watch above.

Watch Pell’s “Queso” Video