Animal Collective Return With “FloriDada” Off Their New Album Painting With

Just in case you weren’t passing through the Baltimore airport over the weekend.

November 30, 2015

Animal Collective returns today with their new single "FloriDada," off their new album Painting With which will be released in February.


The quick release comes after the Baltimore psychedelic trio previewed the album in the exclusive confines of the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, of all places, over Thanksgiving weekend. Now, fans who didn't have a layover in B-more can finally bask in the first single.

According to founding member Dave Portner (b.k.a Avey Tare)'s Instagram, "FloriDada" is a "song, an idea, an ideal." Its sound is frenetic and off-kilter, with Portner and Noah Lennox competing for center-stage vocals, their lyrics clashing and harmonizing with each other like the competing hemispheres of the brain. As an album opener, its bright and brash and it brims with youthful energy. According to a press release, the single is also a mission statement for the album: Painting With is an album about art and the human experience, and the distorted world-view adopted by Cubists and—you guessed it—Dadaists. And in keeping with the artistic theme, the album will be released with a choice of three different covers by painter Brian DeGraw.


Listen to "FloriDada" above, plus check out the full slate of album artwork and the release's tracklist below. Be on the look-out for Painting With when it drops February 19. In the meantime, you can reread Animal Collective's classic FADER cover story here.

Painting With Tracklisting

1. FloriDada
2. Hocus Pocus
3. Vertical
4. Lying In The Grass
5. The Burglars
6. Natural Selection
7. Bagels In Kiev
8. On Delay
9. Spilling Guts
10. Summing The Wretch
11. Golden Gal
12. Recycling

Animal Collective Return With “FloriDada” Off Their New Album Painting With