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DJ Khaled Is A Snapchat Maverick

Another one.

December 08, 2015

In the past few weeks, DJ Khaled has become the foremost expert on excellence, offering up motivational Snapchat stories on ways you can live your best life. Khaled's Snaps (Username:djkhaled305), offer a glimpse into the very real, and very inspirational life of the now-prolific producer/DJ/personality, complete with daily snippets on keys to success (like using Dove soap), personal testimonials on the pitfalls of being simply too great, and other daily ephemera that, if nothing else, can surely put a smile on your face in any situation. Now, like Vine clips before it, people are compiling all of Khaled's snaps into long-form video. Check out some of Khaled's best snaps above.

DJ Khaled Is A Snapchat Maverick